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These colours really work as true transparents.

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Grex E'TAC Private Stock range

Grex E'TAC     Private Stock range

Grex Private Stock range, a versatile ALL SURFACE paint for art & custom painting.

Private Stock™ is composed of the following products:

Transparent Colors - 100 Series, 25 colors total
The core of Private Stock™ - premium pigments standardized for clarity and performance. Vibrant high strength transparents for spectacular blends, over-lays or singular color use. CMYK printing technology based color range with extremely pure ‘process colors’ to enhance the final product. Mix thousands of hues just from using the primary colors alone.

Semi-Opaque Colors - 150 Series, 5 colors total
Robust colors for dynamic values for background quick fills and exotic color creations where semi-opaque are used. Useful for blending with the transparent or opaque colors. Semi transparent mixtures are often used to blend various colors into a more solid unity.

Opaque Colors - 200 Series, 6 colors total
A solid high refractive opaque color line that responds with action. Specifically produced for reduction in color shift where a solid value hue remains opaque upon drying, producing exceptional blocking of light transmittance. Made from pure high solid pigments with no filler materials to obtain a reasonable set of true opaques where strength and durability meet the majority of your needs.

Fluorescent Colors - 300 Series, 7 colors total
Glowing hot, vibrant neon's under black light conditions. Vivid color response for day-light conditions where bright intense color is desired. These are some of the brightest and hottest fluorescent colors available. These are made from some of the highest lightfast fluorescent pigments available, making these colors exceptionally stable when compared to others in the market.

High Solids Special FX Bases - 400 Series, 6 colors total
Special FX metallics, basecoats, pearls and flakes add to the already versatile Private Stock™ System. These products can be mixed directly with the other colors or sprayed over transparent or opaque base colors to obtain dazzling Special FX. Note: It’s recommended not to use these FX pigments with very fine nozzle airbrushes.

Base Modifiers - 450 Series, 2 modifiers total

GXPS-450 Extend-Air
Extend-Air is the base for Private Stock™ with additional hybridized acrylics. It has a light creamy consistency but produces a transparent finish when dry. Extend-Air is used for extending color to infinite transparency without loss of viscosity.

GXPS-451 Pol'E TAC
Pol'E TAC is designed with a harder acrylic type and specialized modifiers for a higher tensile strength, low viscosity solution that can produce a harder lower tact film much like a fixative. It has a water thin milky consistency but produces a transparent finish when dry. Used to dilute Private Stock™ for those who wish to use low PSI or a thinner fluid acrylics for layering applications. Can be sprayed straight from the bottle as a foundation for layering color builds on textiles.
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Marissa Oosterlee Speciality Sets

Marissa Oosterlee Speciality Sets

The colors are more luminous and re- wet soluble.
Easy erasing and scratching.
They come with a pipet, in 1 oz Bottles at £42.95 per set of 6.
or 2oz Bottles at £65.50 per set of 6. (great value for the heavier user).

...........packed as two sets of 6 bottles for complete system.

Set # 1 FOUNDATION SET (Skin Tone Set Set) (IDEAL for Tech’nEZ) with all brown ocher, brick red ocher, golden ocher, sepia, burnt umber and fleshtone...
Set # 2 ADDITIONS SET (Primary Col Set) with culebra gold, grey, white, green, pyrrole red and phthalo blue...

Black can be ordered separately from main E'FX range.

The price is £42.950 per 6 x 1oz pack & £65.50 per 6 x 2oz pack , excl shipping.

Exclusively available in the U.K. from Pete at ETAC'UK

MARISSA SAYS: "I can 't believe how Awesome they are! ..... There is a little twinkle in there, a lot of brilliance, smooth to erase, a pipet and they spray fantastic. I am so proud and happy"
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PURE SABLE CHISELS Signwriters Length (2112)

PURE SABLE CHISELS Signwriters Length (2112)

PURE SABLE CHISELS Signwriters Length (2112)
Series 2112 pure sable writers are made from the finest 100% pure Kolinsky sable and set in seamless nickel-plated ferrules on black polished handles. Of maximum length hair throughout the range, these craftsmen’s pencils have earned the recommendation of many signwriting professionals.
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3 Piece Wooden Mahl Stick

3 Piece Wooden Mahl Stick


3 Piece Wooden Mahl Stick : with Ball and Leather. Fitting comfortably into the signmakers kit box.
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